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Don't Suffer from Sleep Divorce.
Learn more about adult sleep apnea treatment and get your sleep back!

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Seniors are at a higher risk of suffering from Sleep Apnea.

Getting screened can save your life!

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Children with untreated sleep apnea are at a higher risk of developing health problems.
#GetScreened and set your child up for success.

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Wondering if you're suffering from Sleep Apnea? Take our free assessment below!

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Breathe and Sleep Better in Reno, NV

Your airway is the key to better sleep and a healthier life.

Feel energized  »  Prevent chronic disease  »  Protect your kids’ health

News on sleep & airway:

We were featured on a recent episode of Ask the Doctors, click on the image to watch on News 2.

Poor Sleep Isn’t Normal

Snoring, consistent low energy, and regular headaches for you or bedwetting, tantrums, and trouble in school for your kids doesn’t have to be your new normal. We’ll help you find and resolve the root cause of your sleep issues you both can sleep well and enjoy life again.

You Can Stop the Struggle

Most people struggle to sleep well, but don’t know there’s a simple solution. It starts with the airway and ends with a brand new lease on life: more energy, better focus, and greater health.

Ditch the CPAP

Those pesky machines aren’t the only way to treat sleep apnea. Our airway treatments offer a simpler, far more effective, non-invasive alternative.

Protect Your Health

Improving your sleep now helps you protect yourself and your loved ones from chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, strokes, hypertension, and more.

Help Your Kids

Set your children up for a lifetime of health and happiness by helping them deal with sleep issues and their negative consequences.

“I am beyond pleased with the results we have seen so quickly with my son. He has progressed so much in so many areas, from the dark circles under his eyes disappearing to simply having more energy throughout the day. He is able to focus more during school and his academic performance reflects this. Fixing his airway has been life-changing for my son!"

Kelly Andersen

Get the Rest You Need

You’re only one phone call and a few months’ treatment away from getting the sleep you need Every. Single. Night. For the rest of your life.

Here’s how we do it:

Go to the Source

Using the latest technologies, our comprehensive sleep and airway evaluation will look for the root causes of your sleep and airway issues.

Make a Plan

Results in hand, we’ll create a customized care plan and connect you with the providers and therapies you need.

Sleep Tight

It’s time for a good night’s sleep! Most patients resolve their sleep issues in 12-24 months, with noticeable results in just a few months.

“We have seen many life-changing benefits for our son. Being wiped out after what we thought was a good night’s rest and a regular school day is a thing of the past. He maintains better focus as well as having increased stamina throughout his daily tasks. Thank you Dr. Bocchi for helping my son be a better version of himself.”

Patrick Guiterrez

We know you want more than just a good night’s sleep.

There’s a revolution coming in dental healthcare, and we’re thrilled. Why? Because it means we get to come alongside you to help you find groundbreaking solutions to all your airway-related woes.

Research shows that the advent of a myriad of health issues—from sleep apnea, headaches, and bedwetting to Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and even some cancers—can be slowed or even stopped with simple, non-invasive airway treatment. And dentists are the ones who can perform these treatments!

Here at Sierra Smiles, we understand how sleep (or the lack of it!) can have a huge impact on your life. Without the rest you need, you and your children will always feel one step behind, struggling to make it through each day and at-risk for serious complications.

We’ve been there ourselves, which is why we’ve developed such a deep passion for helping others find true sleep. That’s why we use our extensive training in dental sleep and airway therapies to help you get the life-changing care you need.

You Are Not Alone

22 million

Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea


of Sleep Apnea cases are undiagnosed


of children with ADHD may have sleep apnea


of children in the US have sleep apnea (that’s at least 2 million kids!)


of people with severe sleep apnea have chronic disease


of people with type 2 diabetes have undiagnosed sleep apnea

“Just Breathe” Presentation by Lancette VanGuilder, RDH,BS

Breathe well. Sleep well. Live well.

Sierra Sleep Airway and Wellness Center can help you live your best life.