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At Sierra Sleep Airway and Wellness Center we take complete health seriously and believe everyone should have a sleep screening completed to rule out any sleep disordered breathing.

Here’s what you can expect as a new patient.

If you’re visiting us from our home dental offices of Sierra Smiles, you’ll most likely have completed a sleep test and been recommended to Sierra Sleep Airway and Wellness for a comprehensive sleep and airway evaluation. But even if you come from another source, you’ll still get the same great experience! 

Sleep Study

Before we begin, we’ll need to make sure you’ve completed a sleep study. But don’t worry! Our sleep study is nothing like the ones you may have had to endure in a hospital setting: no wires, no tubes, nothing taped to your face.

Best of all? You don’t have to sleep in a lab at the hospital! The process is incredibly simple:

      • You complete a preliminary health questionnaire & screening.
      • You take a sleep study by falling asleep in your own bed, on your own terms, in the privacy of your own home, with the fanciest ring you’ll ever wear around your finger.
      • The ring will measure and record your sleep quality, pulse oximetry, heart rate, apnea events, and automatically report it to our practice.

That’s it! No wires, no tubes, and no lost sleep.

Comprehensive Sleep & Airway Evaluation Appointment

After you’ve completed your sleep study, you’ll visit our office where we’ll:

    • Complete a CBCT scan of your head and neck.
    • Take diagnostic photos.
    • Complete a comprehensive oral-facial exam (head and neck).
    • Scan of teeth and arches with our advanced dental technology.
    • Complete a follow-up consultation.

All of this for only $395! (Outside our center these procedures could cost over $10,000 and require more time and energy.)

While we don’t take insurance, we do take HSA and FSA to cover this evaluation.  Your sleep test and radiology report can be read by a physician for under $100 each.

Follow-up Consultation

On your follow up consultation, we’ll:

  • Go over the findings from your initial evaluation.
  • Discuss other physicians or providers who we may need to work with to provide you with the best treatment possible.
  • Explain the next steps for your treatment plan.

We recommend that your spouse or partner join you for this visit as we will be explaining the treatment and financial options.

Moving Forward

Once we’ve established your treatment plan, we’ll spend the next 12-24 months widening your airway.

This will include:


      • Follow-up appointments to ensure your treatment is on track
      • Adjustments and new appliances as needed
      • Additional sleep tests to track the rate of improvement
      • Determine end of treatment plans and if orthodontics or cosmetic work is needed

Treatments may differ from patient to patient. We will help guide you and work with your other providers to ensure a successful outcome.

The Sierra Sleep Difference

Working directly with a medical office without navigating insurance plans may feel strange at first. But if you’re like most of our patients, you’ll soon discover:

It’s far easier to come to us directly than hassling with primary care providers and referrals


It’s quicker to get the care you need when you don’t have to worry about the medical red tape that accompanies most insurance plans


It often ends up costing less than what insurance plans expect you to pay for your co-pay


It’s more effective than most other treatments because we address the root causes, not just the symptoms

You deserve to not only have a treatment plan built around your specific needs, but also to start that treatment plan as soon as you want. We can make that happen for you.


We get it. It can be hard to accept the fact that you have sleep apnea, and exploring treatments can feel overwhelming, especially when it seems like the only real option is a cumbersome CPAP machine.

It’s hard to feel optimistic when there are so many unanswered questions.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list for you: frequently asked questions from real people interested in permanently treating their sleep apnea with airway development oral appliances, just like you.

How is this different from traditional sleep options?

Traditional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) treatments like CPAP and mandibular repositioners only manage OSA. We have partnered with leading-edge companies to provide a treatment that focuses on the root cause of the sleep apnea condition and treats, rather than manages, sleep apnea.

How does this new method help treat sleep apnea?

In essence, Obstructive Sleep Apnea occurs when an airway is too small. However, new research has led to a revolutionary method that simply widens your airway up to 300% without surgery.

And the best part? Once that airway is widened, breathing easier becomes a permanent way of life.

Why can’t I just use a CPAP?

CPAP machines don’t cure sleep apnea; they force air into you while you sleep. However, the way they help you breathe can cause your airway muscles to atrophy after a while. This means that over time, your sleep apnea gets worse and you become increasingly reliant on your CPAP machine.

For the rest of your life.

Will I have to get surgery or endure an uncomfortable sleep study?

I think we change this paragraph to:
No! After the pre-screening & sleep test and evaluation appointment with consultation you can be on your way with a custom oral airway development appliance that will gradually widen your airway and treat the sleep apnea. And that’s how you breathe better, sleep better and live better!

Is the procedure painful?

This procedure is about as painless as they get. Not only do patients avoid any type of surgical procedure, the sleep study is surprisingly, shockingly easy — even comfortable! Essentially, you get an oral appliance custom-fit to your mouth. The more you wear it, the faster treatment goes. Most people wear it 7- 8 hours at night while they sleep and find 3-4 more during waking hours.

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance, but we do accept HSA and FSA cards.

However, if you’re like most of our patients, you’ll soon discover it’s quicker to get the care you need when you don’t have to worry about the medical red tape that accompanies most insurance plans, and it often ends up costing less than what insurance plans expect you to co-pay.

Do you work with kids?

Absolutely! We’re passionate about helping kids with sleep apnea because sleep apnea in children is often misattributed to psychological or emotional issues. We’ve seen our simple treatment resolve the issues in our pediatric patients and we’re excited to help even more kids find freedom from the issues caused by sleep disorders.

Are you locally owned?

YES! We are family — and locally-owned office.

How do I make an appointment?

Give us a call at 775-977-0822 and one of our friendly scheduling coordinators will help you find a date and time that works for you.

Join the (well-rested!) Sierra Sleep Airway and Wellness Family Today.

We look forward to welcoming you.