Sleep Apnea Treatment for Children in Reno, NV

It’s not too late to set them on the best path for lifelong health.

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Give Your Child a Headstart on Lifetime of Great Health

Watch this informative video about how your child’s sleep and breathing could be affecting their health.

Are you not getting the sleep you need? Watch our video for adults.

Find Freedom From Difficult Behaviors

Discover if your child’s struggles stem from sleep and breathing issues.

An estimated 3-15% of children in the US are believed to have sleep apnea, but 90% of them are still undiagnosed! Children who suffer from sleep apnea can suffer cognitively and behaviorally, but parents and doctors can tend to focus only on the symptoms—not the root cause.

Unfortunately, this means many parents never discover that their children’s behavior issues (like bed-wetting, ADHD, and struggles in school) stem from poor quality sleep, and children continue to suffer for years—even decades.

If your child snores or breathes through their mouth, this is a very good sign they may have sleep-disordered breathing and need to get help now.

It’s Not Just Adults Who Suffer From Sleep Apnea

Do any of these sound like your children?


Waking up tired, feeling tired all day long




Poor attention span






Night terrors


An ADD/ADHD diagnosis


Speech problems

If so, there’s a good chance your child has sleep apnea or some form of sleep- disordered breathing.

Luckily, your child doesn’t have to continue to live like this. Sleep and airway treatments allow you to be proactive in your child’s health, development and well-being.

Give Your Kids the Gift of Lifelong Health

It all starts with a great night’s sleep!

You can give your kids the foundational blocks they need for lifelong health. But it’s important to take action sooner rather than later.


Alleviate Negative Side Effects

Resolving sleep apnea in kids has amazing results: better attention spans, better behavior, better focus and energy throughout the day, and better sleep quality (for them AND you!)

Reduce Future Health Risks

Resolving sleep apnea now protects your kids from the risk of a host of other health risks that come from living with sleep apnea for years, including strokes, certain cancers, and more.


Achieve More

Resolving sleep apnea in children not only provides them with better sleep, it provides their brains with the time needed to grow so they focus better, learn quicker, and achieve more!

“Sierra Sleep Airway and Wellness Center has drastically changed my son’s life. He was six and struggled with dyslexia, reading, and staying focused. We worried as parents that he was going to get held back in school. Now that my son has been using his airway appliance, his reading levels have been improving dramatically--from struggling to read kindergarten books to reading chapter books. Thanks to Sierra Sleep I have a better version of my son.”

Kelly A.

“Since our son has received and started utilizing his sleep appliance, we have seen many of the life-changing benefits it has had on him. Being wiped out after what we thought was a good night’s rest and a regular school day is a thing of the past. He maintains better focus as well as having increased stamina throughout his daily tasks. Thank you Dr. Bocchi for helping my son be a better version of himself.”

Patrick G.

“Our son has been wetting the bed since the age of 2, along with sleep talking and walking. This meant sleepless nights for us, a ton of laundry, and a child who felt embarrassed to spend the night at friends’ houses. When he completed the sleep test and CT scan we finally found the root cause of his struggles. Within the first month of using his appliance, he went from wetting the bed every night to just one time! After a year of use, we can see a huge change--his mouth is developing properly, his teeth are aligned, and he’s not wetting the bed or sleep talking/walking. This has been life changing for our whole family!”

Jen B.

The Path is Simple

Don’t let the sleep study scare you away!

Many parents may hesitate to get a sleep apnea diagnosis because they want to avoid the traumatic experience of sleep centers, wires, and machines for their kids. However, our sleep study and subsequent treatment is simple and takes place in the comfort of your own home.

The process is simple:

Your child wears a ring-like device while they sleep in the comfort of their own bed.

Your child sees us for a comprehensive sleep and airway evaluation and we create a personalized plan for your child.

Your child wears an oral appliance while they sleep to develop their airway and treat the sleep apnea condition.

We’ve seen this incredible treatment resolve the issues our pediatric patients are experiencing. Our expert dentists at Sierra Sleep Airway and Wellness Center are ready to treat your kids’ sleep apnea with this cutting-edge yet amazingly easy treatment with airway development appliances.

Give your kids the experience of living life fully-rested, and set them on the path to lifelong health.